AKA Ayumi(Vanilla) Lawliet or Dark Vanilla
I'm also known as PRECIOUS SCREEN SAVER.
June 3rd is my birthday, remember!
BEWARE: Befriend this girlcat and she'll probably scratch you =P

XIAOXI derives from Chinese character xiao (small) and xi wang (hope).
If you still can't guess what XIAOXI is all about, I basically represent small hope; to bear a little hope in whatever I do.
Now, isnt my name so much cooler than yours? :D

Random Facts

Yes, the name is xiaoxi and Ayumi(아유미) is my Korean name.
I know the correct Korean name for xiaoxi should be Sohee(소희) but Ayumi became my Korean name because I didn't know my actual Korean name at that time and Ayumi happened to be my Japanese name, so well, it just became my Korean name too.
Although right now I don't mind being called Sohee, I still prefer being called Ayumi because i've gotten so used to the name.

I'm a friendly person if you're friendly.
BUT I can be cold and unfeeling to people whom I absolutely dislike too.
I personally have nothing against actors, but i detest pretentious people.
Actors can't choose when they act in a certain role. Pretentious people just choose to be, well, fake.
And to emphasise my point, I seriously dislike pretentious people.

Nobody likes to be compared against, so bear in mind that XIAOXI IS NOT A BENCHMARK FOR YOU TO COMPARE AGAINST.
I normally have my reasons for doing things, so don't be unreasonable if you know what I mean. I can reason with you the whole day [:
Spammers and posers have no life, don't be copycats and take them as role models, okay!

Coffee flavoured cakes, coffee flavoured puddings and so on are YUM~
But I don't drink coffee. I'm a special girl [:
Give me PINK PIGLET and I'll love you even more!
Giving out heat is something extremely unique about me. I give out heat even when I'm cold.

Medicines, injections, and definitely NO DOCTORS. I hate falling sick.
xiaoxi makes a VERY BAD PATIENT who walks in the rain + skip medicines even when I'm sick.
That's why YOU *pointing at YOU* must know how to take care of me! xD

Warning: Overly hyper whenever I finish a test/exam or when I lack sleep. Best to curb with equal amount of hyperness, in order to achieve something called neutralisation .

I write at REMINISCING-PANDORA (click!), where my imagination comes to life.
You can find endless fanfics/oneshots by me at REMINISCING-PANDORA!

Besotted with my ATTACHED!
Husband(s) : Jung Yunho
Wife : Yijin
Boyfriend : Chawdar


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I say:
"Be shameless! Why should anyone be shameful of themselves?"
It is advised not to take my words too seriously or try to understand me, because I'm far too eccentric for you to understand.

Find xiaoxi!

xiaoxi is (nearly) all over the place!
However, add me as friend instead of stalking me all over the net.
Stalkers stalk because they're too shameful of themselves ;O

The FIRST place to locate me is at my story blog, where my imagination comes to life.

You can also find me easily at the forums listed below:
Soompi | Chocolyn | Joongbo | Cassiopeia Family | YG Ladies | Timeless Love | OneTVXQ! | SHINee Forum International

I STAND at First International Anti-SNSD Forums. You might not approve, or you might be a big fan of the 9, but it's my right to become an anti of anyone, so kindly refrain from talking to me about the 9 if you're a fan. FYI, I can still be friends with their fans as long as our talks steer clear of the 9.

I've been making blogskins since 2 years + ago, and I daresay I have improved quite a lot. Check out my profile page on blogskins.com where you can download some of my awesomest skins & Always Keep the Faith Series skins:D

I'm a translator at SES3T0R F4NSUB5, or otherwise known as 3045.

You can always request for a review from me at Dark Side, bearing in mind i'm quite a harsh reviewer.

Can't get enough of me?
Here's my twitter, but i'm warning you that i rarely update it.


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